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June 28, 2022
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Mark Cuban: BTC and ETH will be successful –

Famous investor Mark Cuban discussed cryptocurrencies with Senior CFO Peter Mallouk from Creative Planning.

Cuban: BTC will be successful

Let me help you. Layer 1 and Layer 2 strings are deterministic, programmable platforms that you can use to build productivity applications. Their “coins” enable coin owners to profit from the value they create. Not everyone will succeed, but many …

If you look at cryptocurrency assets like ETH, DOGE, BTC, MKR etc and only see something intangible, something for people to trade, you haven’t really looked at it. If you can see smart contracts and programming languages ​​and think about new ways to change industries, then I am telling you that there is a chance [na sukces tego rynku]

Cuban explained.

Notes that the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies does not diminish its potential to usher in a new era of financial technology:

Take a look at all the financial interactions you have in your life in banking, insurance, buying and selling where you must trust nameless people working for a company whose decisions can change your life. Would you prefer to keep trusting them?

Or would you rather work with a deterministic, distributed system that is not built on trust in these companies, but rather based on a clear set of rules that are available to everyone? These are the reasons why cryptocurrencies took off.

Yes, there is mass speculation. As with the inflection point of any new technology. Each of these technologies was initially rejected by traditional institutions.

Defense of the DOGE

Previously, Cuban also defended DOGE against the claim that this cryptocurrency had no significant utility, noting that it was a central cryptocurrency asset that people used to trade on its company’s Mavericks platform.

– Doge is the only coin people actually use for transactions. We serve many others [coinów] by BitPay. But people are spending their DogeCoins, and that means more companies are going to start doing it. The biggest factor holding back development is that you can’t spend the Doge you buy on Robinhood – He said.

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