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October 4, 2022
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Mark Cuban: Ethereum has an advantage over Bitcoin –

Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban says Ethereum has a distinct advantage over Bitcoin.

Cuban: Ethereum is, in a way, a serious rival to BTC

In a new podcast interview The Unchained Cuban ensured that the functionality of Ethereum smart contracts and numerous use cases of this technology guarantee an advantage of ETH over the best cryptocurrency resources according to market capitalization.

– [Bitcoin i Ethereum] they are actually platforms that make many things possible. Except that Bitcoin at the moment has really evolved to be primarily a store of value and it is very difficult to use for anything else. It will become digital gold for you if you want. You can use it as a platform that enables other things, but it takes a lot more [pracy], truth? It requires you to compress or do various other things, and through that [BTC] it works more as a hedge than anything else – He said.

In his opinion, in the case of Ethereum the matter is simpler.

– While in Ethereum, you know, there are many more built-in tools in its organic and native form. The mere possibility of using smart contracts in an organic and native way is now a significant difference. That doesn’t mean there is no tier 2 on Bitcoin, which, you know, creates new value and opportunities. But you really have to work a lot harder with Bitcoin than Ethereum – added.

Ethereum will give you more!

Cuban emphasized that Ethereum’s functions allow the platform and the resources based on it to develop, for example, the market of invariant tokens (NFT), which is heading towards mass adoption. As new users enter the cryptocurrency sector via NFT, they will often need to interact with the Ethereum platform.

– People use ETH to buy NFT, to do more things, and smart contracts just make programming a bit easier – he explained.

As he added, today is a good time to invest in ETH.

– (…) I think you will see more reasons to buy ETH right now – He said.

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