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August 9, 2022
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Marvel may issue its NFT, suggest market observers –

Supposedly Marvel began to research the topic of non-convertible tokens (NFT). The company is likely to follow the path that has already been set by famous sportsmen, musicians and artists.

Marvel on the NFT market?

It all started with the page ExploreMadripoor.com dedicated to the Duchy of Madripoor, a location from the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe presented in the series “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”.

On the ExploreMadripoor.com website, in the Hightown Nightclub section, you can enter the Art Gallery, where the works for auction are located. If you try to enter one of these fictitious auctions while pretending to make a bid, the site will display the following warning:

If you hold the highest bid after the auction ends, the Gallery management will contact you to confirm payment and shipment.

Shipping and handling is coordinated by Power Broker, Buccaneer Bay.

While there is no explicit reference to the NFT, given that the works on the Madripoor Gallery are digital, it can be assumed that “supply” means sending the work’s tokens to the auction winner.

It is worth adding, however, that in such a model we will deal with fun and not strictly investing.

Massimo Simbula’s lawyer, however, stated that the company “It’s starting to test the ground with what appears to be a giant prototype and beta to run real auctions.”

marvel DC Comics and blockchain

DC Comics is already using the benefits of blockchain. Last year’s holiday, Decentraland users could see the work of José Delbo, an artist collaborating with Marvel and DC, at the MakersPlace gallery. DC Comics Artist then launched the VR exhibition, which was only available on the Decentraland blockchain platform.

Though the crowds were small, many netizens were stunned by the artist’s artwork as they listened to his own words describing the works. The virtual gallery is not very large, so visitors can see the entire exhibition in a short time

– the journalist reported on his “visit” Cointelegrapha Turner Wright.

It is worth recalling that recently their NFT tokens have already been issued, among others, by rockmen from Kings of Leon, wrestler The Undertaker, vocalist Grimes and her life partner Elon Musk or many football teams.

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