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December 5, 2022
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McAfee’s death: what happened? Was a controversial businessman murdered? –

We found out that John McAfee is dead on the night of June 23-24, Polish time. However, the official communication of the Spanish authorities did not provide a clear cause of death. Recall that the body of the controversial businessman was found in a prison cell, in which he was awaiting extradition to the United States.

As always in such cases, the death of such a famous person as the creator of popular antivirus programs and an investor from the cryptocurrency market gives rise to various conspiracy theories. In this text, we consider what could have happened in a businessman’s cell.

Please be advised that does not support or deny any conspiracy theories regarding the death of John McAfee. The following text is purely journalistic.

McAfee’s problems

McAfee has been involved in various conflicts with the law many times in previous years. After years of tax evasion in the US, he had to flee his home country on his yacht. In addition, there were problems regarding his involvement in the group, which was supposed to manipulate the altcoin market during the boom in 2017.

Ultimately, the controversial businessman was arrested last October and held in a Spanish prison while awaiting trial. It is known that the court ordered his extradition to the USA. Thus, the trial of his offenses could begin soon. Considering the accused’s age, it is almost certain that in the event of a prison sentence, McAfee would spend the rest of his life behind bars.

What exactly happened? Did McAfee actually kill himself?

Edward Snowden: Assange’s life may end similarly

The matter is widely commented on today. Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency (NSA) employee who fled the United States, criticized the services. In his opinion, the global reach of US law enforcement agencies is a threat. He added that McAfee’s premature death should be a warning to us. He added that “Julian Assange’s story may end similarly.”

Europe should not extradite those accused of crimes without violence to a justice system so unjust – and a prison system so cruel – that native defendants would rather die than be subjected to it

– he wrote on Twitter.

The aforementioned Assange is an Australian internet activist, journalist and programmer, and above all a spokesman and editor-in-chief of the WikiLeaks website, through which secret documents of the US government were published.

The reasons for the suicide are obvious

In turn, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson praised McAfee’s contribution to computer science, describing it as “one of the most enigmatic and interesting people in the space of cryptocurrencies and the history of computer science “. As he added, when considering the causes of a businessman’s death, one must remember about his personal problems, e.g. with the abuse of various substances.

– The reason for suicide seems obvious – McAfee was 75 years old and extradition to the US was approved, he faced over 30 years in prison if convicted, and possibly […] he chose to end his life there, in a Spanish prison, not in an American one – He said.

An influencer from the Bitcoin market with regular podcasts devoted to him, Anthony Pompliano remembered McAfee as “Nice, funny and incredibly intelligent”, sharing a photo of himself with himself and his wife, businessman Janice Dyson. Both spouses are holding a rifle in the photo. They are all standing on the boat where the couple was fleeing from the American services.

Kim Dotcom, an internet entrepreneur, keeps up the narrative of Cardano’s creator. He also recalled that McAfee had a big problem with drug abuse.

– A pioneer in data security. I always thought he was partying too much, he should have avoided drugs and focused on using his brilliant mind. When he was sober, he meant freedom – stated.

QAnon and conspiracy theories

As you can see, the cryptocurrency community is rationally at it, suggesting that MacAfee just couldn’t endure the psychological pressure and took its own life.

The above has already been confirmed, for example, by the lawyers of the businessman who were in Spain. They informed Reuters that their client hanged himself instead of facing prison life. Even so, the internet, predictably, was ignited by conspiracy theories that suggest otherwise – McAfee was killed not by his hand.

The flames were stoked shortly after John’s death when his official account was on Instagram shared the image of the letter “Q”, arousing excitement among supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theories. Business Insider reported that QAnon posted posts on Telegram that suggest McAfee didn’t kill himself – someone helped him.

People who resemble McAfee’s tweets pour oil on the fire. In one of them, dated December 2019, an antivirus developer stated that the US government was threatening him with death. Except that the tweet promoted his own token “WHACKD”, which referred to the suicidal death of Jeffrey Epstein, which also gave rise to many conspiracy theories. The post also contained a link to the page where you could buy the token. So it is possible that McAfee did not want to announce to his fans that he was threatened with death, but just quite cynically promoting his business project.

Other conspiracy theorists focused on the June 2019 post in which McAfee stated that he had “31 terabyte” dataset that holds evidence of corruption at US government level. Apparently, it was supposed to be his security in the event of his arrest. Ultimately, McAfee was detained by the services in October 2020, and yet no such evidence as he wrote has been released.

Weird 70-year-old

It’s also worth remembering that McAfee was no stranger to making bold and bizarre claims. You might say he was quite a weird old gentleman. All BTC fans remember his declaration, in which he promised that if only by the end of 2020 1 BTC would not cost USD 1 million, he would cut off his genitalia and eat it in front of TV viewers. There were also other bizarre stories, such as that … he had sexual intercourse with a whale. He also once boasted that he had synthesized a new narcotic compound. It was supposed to take place in Belize.

Of course, each time after that, he translated his posts. In the case of BTC and the idea of ​​cutting off a member in 2020, he said that he only wanted to cynically increase interest in cryptocurrencies in the media. Anyway – we have to admit it – he succeeded.

Then, after the arrest, the news that reached the media about McAfee was rather gloomy. Supposedly in prison in May this year. he was to talk to another inmate about his planned suicide. He allegedly confided to them that he felt “Old, lost man.” He admitted that life was starting to tire him.

McAfee’s Spanish lawyer, Javier Villalba, told Reuters he believed McAfee simply couldn’t cope with the imprisonment.

This is the result of a cruel system that had no reason to keep this man in prison for so long – He said.

Suicide or murder?

Finally, we need to summarize what we know about McAfee’s death.

Whenever a famous person dies in such tragic circumstances, conspiracy theories arise. There is currently no known evidence that someone killed a businessman. The most likely scenario, however, is suicide. Probably the controversial altcoin sympathizer could not stand the psychological pressure he faced. In addition, the vision of spending the rest of his life in confinement made him prefer to take his own life rather than torment himself for years to come.

McAfee, despite appearances, did a lot for Bitcoin. He promoted the cryptocurrency during the boom in 2017. He also wanted to run in the presidential election to promote the blockchain idea. A shadow on his image is also the fact that he promoted various pump and dump schemes that were popular 4 years ago.

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