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June 26, 2022
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McAfee’s GHOST is integrated with Disney Hong Kong

Just a few weeks after the launch of John McAfee’s GHOST privacy token, the currency already sees real-life uses at Disney Hong Kong.

The team behind the project also announced some features to come, including a “decentralized financing” platform and the beta launch of GHOST mobile services.

Popular cryptocurrency defender John McAfee announced the newest venture of its digital asset in April. Called GHOST, it is a privacy currency that aims to increase users’ online privacy by making them like ‘ghosts’ when transacting online.

Use of GHOST in Hong Kong

Despite some criticism of plagiarism with respect to the whitepaper, the token was successfully launched in late May, as planned. In this relatively short period for a new currency, GHOST is already experiencing uses in real life, such as McAfee said recently:

GHOST is being used at Disney in Hong Kong. Gradually but surely, the world is recognizing what we have done and there are still many, many resources coming in the next three months.

John McAfee. Source: Yahoo

Integration happened after GHOST have partnered with ivendPay – a cryptocurrency payment system – to implement the currency on more than 60 machines across Hong Kong. Among these are machines used at the Disney theme park, allowing visitors to buy things with their GHOST tokens.

GHOST developments on the map

The team behind the coin mentioned another resource that will arrive in July, known as “decentralized financing.” Although there is no more detailed information and the site is still under development, the team said that “it will soon be possible to start a crowdfunding completely anonymous and decentralized for any purposes, motives, ideas and more. ”

McAfee also already said of an encrypted chat app that will use the GHOST blockchain. Dubbed TeleGHOST, it will allow users to retrieve contacts and history from other applications and will have full integration with another popular encrypted messaging platform – Telegram.

McAfee, as an obvious supporter of privacy, also said that any ‘regular’ smartphone could soon become ‘untraceable’. This would be possible after the team launches a privacy feature called GHOST Cell Phone Data Service.

The beta version should to arrive on July 3. By using it, “any eSIM enabled phone can be invisible in our system and cannot be located,” said the eccentric billionaire on Twitter.

Source: Cryptopotato

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