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November 27, 2022
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MeetFaces Trading introduces its token to the e-commerce market! –

The e-commerce market has grown significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both purchases and B2B contacts have moved to the Internet space. Many B2B e-commerce platforms enable companies to easily and quickly service their business through new technologies.

Meetfaces has been specializing in solutions for B2B clients for 5 years. A number of useful solutions await the users of the platform to help entrepreneurs operating in the e-commerce arena.
The project offers its partners services for establishing B2B contacts and exchanging offers, access to the medical and legal care package, positioning and advertising the offered products / services or access to a catalog of companies divided into industries, goods, services, suppliers and recipients. In addition, platform users can use telecommunications solutions and rent vehicles and office equipment.

MeetFaces Trading introduces its token to the e-commerce market! - 23

Meetfaces tokenization creates opportunities for the development of the platform by implementing many functionalities and improving the interface, and then expansion into foreign markets and global activities. Meetfaces Trading in 2024 plans to expand its operations to Asian markets. The investment consists in the purchase of tokens. In the first year, the token holder may receive a 20% return on investment as subscription fees. In the following years it will be 15%, 10%, 7% and 5%, respectively. Despite the reduction in the interest rate, profit will continue to grow as the platform expects to increase the number of subscribers every year.

The investor has several opportunities to earn. In the cashback program, tokens will be purchased once a month on the secondary market at a predetermined transaction volume. According to the forecast, their prices will increase by 10% per annum. In the payback program, the purchased token pools will be divided by 50%. The first will be burned, and the second will be distributed among investors who have frozen their tokens in the Proof-of-Stake protocol. Paying with MFT tokens will get a 40% discount on the annual subscription and 20% on advertising on the home page. Companies establishing relationships and contracts with the help of a futures contract on MeetFaces Trading will be able to secure the concluded contract by depositing a certain number of tokens in their portfolios.

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