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December 5, 2022
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Megadeth, the band of former Metallica musician, aired their NFT –

The legendary thrash metal band Megadeth has sold its first non-convertible token (NFT). An anonymous fan of the group bought it for 8.4 ETH. The theme, dubbed “Vic Rattlehead: Genesis”, features the band’s logo and their iconic mascot spinning in opposite directions for six seconds.

Megadeth issues her token

The band’s NFT was sold on the Rarible Marketplace. The opening price was only 0.15 ETH. Ultimately, however, someone paid the token for over 8 ETH. Today, 1 ETH costs around $ 2,400.

Unfortunately, as part of the auction, no new song by the group was auctioned, but a short visualization showing its mascot – Vic Rattlehead, which appears on most of the band’s releases.

Megadeth musicians, although they like technological innovations (in the 90s they were one of the first to have their own website), are not the first metal fans who decided to broadcast their NFT. Slipknot member M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan sold his first NFT in early April. It was about a photo of the original Knotfest’s Electric Theater logo, where insects fly out … from his mouth.

It is worth recalling that the leader Kiss is also very active on the cryptocurrency market. Gene Simmons, because we are talking about him, in February this year praised his investments on Twitter. He claims to have invested in the Cardano cryptocurrency. He spent as much as $ 300,000 on this. Earlier, he also spoke about BTC.

I am interested in Bitcoin, but only as part of a complete investment puzzle – he spoke on another occasion.

megadeth Former Metallica member’s band

Megadeth is a band that was founded in the 1980s by ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine. It is considered one of the most important groups in the thrash metal genre – next to the aforementioned Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax.

To date, the band has recorded fifteen albums. He is currently working on a new album. Her most famous works include “A Tout Le Monde”, “Symphony of Destruction” or “Holy Wars … The Punishment Due”.

The leader of the band, Dave Mustaine, often speaks on political topics, such issues are also often the subject of the group’s lyrics.

Let us remind you that NFT are types of tokens that are based on blockchain technology and give holders the rights to music, graphics, e-trading cards or works of art.

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