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October 3, 2022
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Miami is exploring the topic of opening up more to Bitcoin –

Miami City Council is examining the possibility of allowing residents to pay taxes and receive clerical salaries in Bitcoin. Mayor Francis Suarez, who is currently fighting for re-election, is heavily involved in the case. Miami and bitcoin is a very vivid connection in the cryptocurrency community’s discussions.

Miami to open up to BTC?

Miami mayor Francis Suarez previously presented an official resolution that Bitcoin (BTC) would become a fully acceptable payment instrument in various parts of his city’s administration.

By announcing the above on Twitter, the politician added that the city commission supported the resolution and was taking appropriate further legal steps to implement the idea.

I want to thank the Miami commissioners for supporting my resolution – said the mayor. As he added, the new regulations may help city workers receive “Percentage of their remuneration in Bitcoin”, and “Allow our residents to pay fees in Bitcoin.”

The official also stated that he is proud that his colleagues on the City Council are so open to cryptocurrencies.

Do we know what we’re getting into?

However, it was not without fears and suggestions to analyze the project in more detail. Some city commissioners have reportedly warned about Bitcoin. They suggested that the topic should first be thoroughly investigated in terms of potential risks.

Maybe you’re ahead of your time, maybe you’re right, but let’s analyze it first – Commissioner Manolo Reyes said to the mayor. Ken Russell, vice chairman of the city committee, added that “Certainly does not oppose” the idea of ​​adopting Bitcoin in Miami, but it’s important to make sure that “we all know what we’re getting into “ .

It is worth adding that Suarez is currently fighting for his re-election. New elections are to take place in 2021. As a politician, he has now established himself as a supporter of new technologies such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He previously announced his intention to move to Miami “The most progressive cryptocurrency law” and ahead of the Silicon Valley itself in this respect. Will the above help him in his fight to be re-elected to office? We’ll find out in a while.

All of this coincides with Andrew Yang’s fight for the mayor of New York. This Democrat, in turn, wants to create a Bitcoin center from New York.

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