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October 4, 2022
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Michael Saylor: “The institutional interest in Bitcoin is greater than you think”

Michael Saylor began investing heavily in Bitcoin during the second half of 2020

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said that institutional interest in Bitcoin is growing. He predicts that the coming year will see a flurry of companies following MicroStrategy’s example of acquiring Bitcoin as treasury strategy.

More interestingly, Saylor claims to have contact with at least a hundred private companies that have already implemented this strategy. However, given the lack of disclosure requirements for private companies, they choose not to disclose this information.

“I think a lot of companies are going to do that in the next 12 months, and you’re going to start seeing more ads. Because it’s an idea whose time has come. I have seen a lot of interest, there are many CEOs of private companies that are looking for me, and they have already done so, they just aren’t making announcements ”.

Hostess Laura Shin pushed for details about these private companies. Saylor responded by saying that his valuation ranges from hundreds of millions to billion-dollar companies. Although his network is mainly of American companies, he said this is a pattern reflected across Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

“Sometimes more than billions of dollars. I mean billions, several billion, five hundred million, one hundred million. There are many companies at that sweet spot. Generally, everyone talks to everyone. ”

$ 1.9 trillion stimulus deal in progress – use Bitcoin as a hedge

MicroStrategy became the first publicly traded company to acquire significant Bitcoin stakes in August 2020.

Since then, its CEO Michael Saylor has tirelessly preached about the virtues of buying Bitcoin. He spoke extensively on the subject, more so, why he feels it is the game to play during these uncertain times.

A quote from a interview with Anthony Pompliano right after MicroStrategy’s first acquisition summed up its argument.

“The problem is that I have a lot of money and I’m watching it melt… [Sobre os investidores] they are smarter than me, i’m not kidding, i’m serious, they are smarter than me. They knew before I knew that money is rubbish, and you are a fool to sit on money. ”

Months later, this is a message that is gaining strength in the minds of people all over the world. Furthermore, with no end in sight for money printing policies, the threat of inflation, economic stagnation and crippling deficits becomes even more real.

Newly elected US President Joe Biden arrived at the White House a week ago with plans for a new $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package. The main distribution centers, including FT, disregarded the plans. But what else can they do to keep the system sustained?

“Ordinary people understand that there is no free lunch. The road to prosperity cannot be as easy as just printing and spending. If he relies on low rates to finance further massive increases in government spending, Biden will double the policies that have added to the problems he aims to fix: weak growth, financial instability and increased inequality. “

Bitcoin’s interest in institutional buyers is an acknowledgment from the corporate world that things may get hectic in the future. The flood that Saylor talks about shows how much self-preservation is becoming a priority for these companies.

Source: NewsBTC

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