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December 9, 2022
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Mila Kunis issues its NFT –

Famous actress Mila Kunis launches her NFT project. Speaking to Conan O’Brien on his Thursday show, the star she saidthat during her quarantine she delved into the topic of cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens. However, she was deeply concerned about the apparent lack of women in this market.

Mila Kunis enters the cryptocurrency market

– I felt it was a very masculine area – as if everyone I knew and who knew about it at that time were always men, and I thought it couldn’t be that hard Kunis said. – I just delved into it and surrounded myself with two incredibly intelligent women who know all about it – she added.

After learning more about cryptocurrencies and their role in the decentralized market, she decided she could take off with her new NFT project, Stoner Cats.

Working with CryptoKitties founder Mack Flavelle and CryptoPoops NFT creator Jonathan Howard, she has created something new. Kunis described the Stoner Cats project as “Enabling cryptocurrency users to buy NFT with images of cats – sometimes drinking and smoking marijuana.” It’s worth recalling that medical marijuana has been legal in California since 2016, so promoting it with tokens is not illegal. The token allows owners “Watch five-minute entertainment” with cats in the lead role.

Everyone just did [ten projekt]because they thought it was different and fun, and we all wanted to do it for the right reasons Said Kunis, who had also given a voice to one of the cats. – This restores the artist’s ownership of the content and eliminates middlemen – she added.

The price of the tokens is not yet known, but NFT deals from celebrities often generated millions of dollars in profit. For example, Canadian music star Claire Elise Boucher, better known as Grimes, auctioned her own NFT line in March. Investors paid her $ 5.8 million for this. NFT represented her tokenized work of art.

According to Kunis, the “cat’s NFT” will be available on the market in early July.

NFT revolutionize the market

The NFT has come a long way. The first such tokens were distributed for free by their creators. Today they are digital items worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For example, the Polish band Behemoth broadcast their NFT. It was about a collection of visualizations and remixed songs from the band’s last album. In addition, Megadeth sold its own token with an animation of its team mascot. There are many indications that the tokens of other creators will appear on the market soon.

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