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November 29, 2022
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Mircea Popescu has died. He had over $ 1 billion in BTC –

Mircea Popescu was an investor in the cryptocurrency market. His fortune in bitcoins was worth over a billion dollars. We write about him in the past tense, because he drowned off the coast of Costa Rica. Importantly, if only he knew the passwords to his cryptocurrency wallets, his property was irretrievably lost.

Mircea Popescu – a tragic investor from the cryptocurrency market

– Mircea will survive as one of Bitcoin’s most vilified characters and without a doubt one of its greatest philosophers – said Anthony Cuthbertson in the Independent.

According to the media, Mircea Popescu drowned off the coast of Costa Rica. He was only 41 years old. However, everyone is wondering what will happen to his fortune in cryptocurrencies now.

It is not even clear how the billionaire stored his cryptocurrencies. If these were kept in cold wallets – which is probably the most likely scenario – the funds are safe. It’s just that it is not known if any of his relatives knows where he hid his wallets. In practice, they are often small pieces of paper with a string of numbers and letters written on them, so Popescu could hide them anywhere.

If he had private keys in the form of computer files, their finder had to know the password to decrypt them. So there is a risk that the billionaire’s wealth will remain on the blockchain for all time.

Father of BTC toxicity

Popescu was one of the first cryptocurrency users. In 2012, he brought it to life “Bitcoin stock exchange” MPEx. However, he was also referred to as “the father of bitcoin toxicity”.

As a blogger, he often used hateful language. His lyrics were full of racist ideas and sexism.

However, we know nothing about Popescu’s family life. So it is not known whether someone will inherit his property.

Bitcoin in trash

The case is reminiscent of earlier this year when Stefan Thomas, a German programmer based in San Francisco, then had only two attempts to enter a security password into his hard drive, IronKey, which contained private keys to a wallet containing 7002 bitcoins. So far, the end of the case is not known.

A similar unlucky man was Laszlo Hanyecza. On May 22, 2010, he bought 2 pizzas from Papa John’s and paid for them as much as 10,000 bitcoins!

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