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October 3, 2022
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NBP creates a cybersecurity department –

The National Bank of Poland (NBP) was probably more interested in cybersecurity matters. According to the information provided by PAP Biznes, it divided the communication and promotion department into two separate organizational units, combined the controlling and operational risk department into one unit and created a new cybersecurity department.

Cybersecurity Department

The cybersecurity department is currently supervised by Piotr Pogonowski, board member. After. the department director is Sebastian Ferdyn.

The tasks of the department will include the performance of tasks related to the monitoring of cyber threats and coordination of the handling of cyber incidents in the NBP’s ICT systems and infrastructure.

In turn, the tasks of the controlling and operational risk department include, as calculated by PAP Biznes, developing the NBP financial plan and investment plan, as well as monitoring the implementation of these plans and preparing reports on their implementation, as well as developing draft principles and methodologies and performing analytical tasks related to risk. operating at the NBP and monitoring this risk. The Department also develops projects of solutions supporting the management of the compliance function at the NBP.

Threats regarding the e-consumer

The decision of the NBP is probably right, because recently – in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown – Poles have started to buy products online more and more often. This in turn increases the scale of threats they may face on the Internet.

However, apart from the actions of hackers, it is worth recalling that there are also many scams on the network, which also pose a significant threat to the portfolios of investors who are not fully aware of what products and assets to invest in.

At the same time, it is hoped that the NBP will not follow the path of the KNF. The Commission, in 2017, not so much warned Polish investors not to be deceived by scamers, but scared them not to buy cryptocurrencies. It should, for example, organize an educational campaign in which it would teach consumers how to safely buy Bitcoins and deposit them on a paper wallet.

Przemysław Koperski, the government, asked about the above-mentioned educational action in his interpellation. Unfortunately, the response of the Ministry of Finance disappointed:

With regard to educational activities related to the discussed matter, first of all, attention should be paid to the joint campaign prepared in 2020 by the KNF Office and the Police Headquarters. NOTE! CYBER SCRIPT. In 2018, the UKNF also conducted a nationwide social campaign – “And who will you be when the bubble bursts?” The campaign partners were the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Poland and the Police. (…) In 2017, NBP and the UKNF also conducted an information campaign warning against the risks associated with investing in cryptoactives. “

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