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October 4, 2022
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NBP will publish a report on CBDC –

According to the ISBNews agency, the National Bank of Poland (NBP) is to publish a report on the analysis of the introduction of the central bank digital currency (CBDC) to the Polish market. The case has already been confirmed by the president of the central bank, Adam Glapiński.

NBP is researching the topic of CBDC

– In the near future, and this year we will certainly publish a large report on this subject. We are preparing for various further activities and the establishment of various types of sandboxes, where we will investigate this. However, I repeat that the possible introduction of digital money in the Polish central bank at the moment would be useless – said Glapiński during the press conference.

He added that “All banks conduct research and analysis on this subject and we also conduct and deal with it.”

The case has already been partly informed in response to the interpellation of MP Przemysław Koperski (Left), about which we wrote here.

The letter showed that our central bank adopted a wait-and-see strategy:

The NBP monitors analytical, research and pilot tests carried out by other central banks in the field of CBDC issuance for retail and large-value payments. The course of discussions on this topic in various international bodies, including the EU, is also monitored. However alone NBP also does not cooperate with external entities, including other central banks, in the field of analytical, research or pilot work on CBDC issues. It also does not independently work on the introduction of CBDC in Poland.

It was also added then, “That at present the government does not take direct actions with EU partners related to the introduction of the digital currency of the central bank.” It was even recalled that already three years ago The NBP clearly emphasized its negative position on CBDC. Earlier, however, the situation in the world in this field was described: it was mentioned that China is working on the digital yuan, and the Bahamas on a similar project.

You will read the entire answer here.

CBDC in the world

Today, China is taking the most advanced CBDC action. The first works, so far theoretical, are also carried out by the European Central Bank (ECB). According to the published in October last year of the latter report, the digital euro would be central bank money in electronic form. In other words, it would be the same currency as the current euro, but fully digitized. In practice, it would allow daily payments to be made quickly, easily and safely. Apparently, it would not replace cash, but constitute an additional means of payment.

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