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December 5, 2022
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Need for a Game Idea: new project on the Polish blockchain market |

Polish company PlayWay S.A. announcedthat its subsidiary, PWay Sp. z o.o., wants to launch a platform using blockchain technology in the coming months. It’s about the Need for a Game Idea project.

Need for a Game Idea

But what will Need for a Game Idea be? It is a platform that will enable, among others:

1. Submission by each meeting the criteria of one idea of ​​a computer game, in return he will receive one digital PWay Token.

In the next step the most interesting ideas will be selected. The selection will be made by development companies from the PlayWay group. Interestingly, the creators of ideas will be offered work on further development of the game. In return, they will be able to receive a salary of 100 PWAY Tokens and 5% future gains from the game, also paid out in PWAY Tokens,

2. voting for new functionalities and development direction platforms and games,

3. purchase of items inaccessible through other forms of payment for PWAY Tokens (e.g. conversation with the developer, joint exploration of a video game),

4. discussion on a dedicated gaming forum,

5. advertising existing PlayWay Group games.

The creators add that “Need for a Game Idea is the world’s first global, international platform using blochchain technology, enabling virtually cost-free, immediate, irreversible and fully transparent transfer of remuneration to the authors of ideas and ideas for computer games. Logging into the Platform will take place via Steam – the world’s largest gaming sales platform. “


As you can see, the foundation of the project is to be the PWAY token. This is to be traded on global cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the company does not yet specify which specific platforms its tokens will go to.

Pway claims that as the project develops, the price of the PWAY token will gradually increase. We are dealing with a self-propelling mechanism, as the jump in the value of tokens may in turn prove to be an additional financial incentive to submit more ideas through the platform.

“It is worth emphasizing that, unlike most crowdfunding projects using blockchain technology (the so-called ICO), the goal of the Platform is not to raise funds for its development through the sale of tokens – the Platform has its own funds for the development of the Platform obtained from partners – co-creators of the Platform who have 3 percent shares in Pway Sp. z o.o. (PlayWay – 97%) and a total of about 8% PWAY tokens “

– added in the message.

The platform is also to charge a 6 percent salary from developers from the PlayWay Group profits from games obtained through the Platform (but in fiat money, not tokens) and will pay 5% profits from games for the creators of ideas (equivalent in PWAY tokens purchased from the market).

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