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October 4, 2022
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Neil Liversidge: UK government should ban cryptocurrency transactions –

British financial advisor Neil Liversidge has just appealed to the UK government and parliament that the authorities quickly ban some transactions made with cryptocurrencies.

Neil Liversidge: let’s partially infect cryptocurrencies!

Liversidge is the owner of a company from the financial advisory market – West Riding Personal Financial Solutions. He is also a declared opponent of cryptocurrencies. As he believes, in the UK it is necessary to “a law prohibiting the payment or acceptance of cryptocurrencies by UK resident companies or individuals and requiring UK regulators (FCA and PRA) to prohibit transactions by UK financial institutions in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. “

Liversidge also claims that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have no intrinsic value and “They can have a destabilizing effect on society and are often used for criminal activities.” He also believes that mining for cryptocurrencies is “Harmful to the environment”.

Now he is collecting signatures for his petition. According to the website of the UK government and parliament, the deadline for submitting petitions is July 7, 2021. At the time of writing, just over 100 people have signed the document. Little for a multi-million country …

Cryptocurrencies are a big threat and need to be destroyed?

In a January 13 interview with his Professional Adviser, Liversidge noted that a general ban on cryptocurrency transactions in the UK would in turn aid law enforcement and would be a blow to criminals who use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for illegal activities.

Liversidge also said a cryptocurrency ban would immediately trigger a crash in this market.

– If the UK government takes the lead by banning cryptocurrency transactions as per my petition, it will trigger a chain reaction, destroying cryptocurrencies overnight – He said.

In his opinion, it is a good decision to sell cryptocurrencies now and the same “Find a greater fool than you”. Liversidge also told Cointelegraph that “He has never owned and never bought” no cryptocurrency. Supposedly, he wouldn’t do it if he were to make money.

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