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October 2, 2022
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Netflix will buy Bitcoins – says Tim Draper –

Billionaire Tim Draper predictthat Netflix will be the next Fortune 500 company to invest in Bitcoin. In his opinion, various types of funds will also invest in cryptocurrencies.

Netflix will buy Bitcoins?

In a new episode of Unstoppable Podcast, Draper stated that if he were managing the finances of a giant like Netflix, he would be looking at BTC as a potential hedge against a lot of dangerous things that could hit the market.

– If I am the financial director of one of these large organizations, I say: “We must own X percent. [oszczędności] in Bitcoin ”because it is a hedge against another currency that becomes the currency of the future. And also hedging against inflation as governments print more and more of their funny dollars – He said.

Draper Associates founder also added that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings fit the profile of someone who might choose to put Bitcoin on his company’s balance sheet.

– I think Reed Hastings is a very innovative guy with a very creative mindset – praised the CEO of Netflix.

Hence the thought that the streaming platform will buy BTC.

Netflix is ​​a top Internet TV offering for a flat fee access to movies and series via streaming media. Currently, the service is available worldwide with a few exceptions (the service cannot be used, for example, in China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria due to restrictions imposed on US companies by the US government).

netflix What about Google and other tech giants?

What about the other giants?

Google could do something, but I think all of them, Google, Facebook, and Apple, are trying to create a centralized currency for them to own. And then Amazon. Although Amazon will likely start accepting Bitcoins soon Added Draper.

He also said that various organizations in the market would increasingly and inevitably buy Bitcoin. Reason? Finding a safe haven in times of crisis. Pension funds are to be added to this group.

You know who else will have to do this [tj. kupić BTC]? All pension funds, all people who are trustees and have to care for other people’s money. They will need to own some Bitcoins as they are trustees. They need to understand all the markets and see where there is a potential profit, a potential loss – he said.

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