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August 9, 2022
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New BTC price record. We know when the bubble will burst! -Bitcoin Radio # 37 –

I open today’s Bitcoin Radio with a topic devoted to energy. The exact question is how much energy the top cryptocurrency wastes through miners’ activity. Bill Gates recently alleged that BTC is not good for the climate – which is clearly true. Bitcoin has some challenges that it has to deal with. Especially now – when we have a new BTC price record.

New BTC price record

Before we move on to great Bitcoin rallies, I would like to solemnly announce that bitcoin radio has got its own e-mail. From now on, if you have an interesting idea for an episode or just want to share something – you can contact me here: jedrzej@

This week, Bitcoin surprised with a sharp rise in price. The rally ended with the establishment of a new ATH of around $ 61,000. Interestingly, by the time Bitcoin hit a price record, the fortune of Satoshi Nakamoto, the anoanimous creator of Bitcoin, rose to $ 61 billion. The anonymous persona thus became the 20th richest man in the world.

Such a price increase raises further questions about how much Bitcoin can really grow? Ben Armstrong answered this question. The popular trader said he knows when the Bitcoin bubble should burst in this cycle. In his opinion, we are talking here about the September period. Around that time, it will be time to exit your investment with maximum profit.

Polish backyard

In this episode, we will also devote a lot of attention to our home backyard. More and more questions are spreading around the Polish Tokeneo project, which has recently been struggling with banks. However, it is mainly investors who cannot recover their funds that suffer.

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