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October 4, 2022
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News from the crypto market # 35 –

Summary of the new week with Coinquista:

Bitcoin it loses momentum somewhat on the largest stock exchanges. Moreover, the on-chain data from the end of November suggest that some long-term investors started to realize their profits. However, as experts say, it should not be seen in bearish terms.

Ethereum starts staking on the Ethereum 2.0 node. A company listed on traditional markets also had a share in the event that started on December 1, Ether Capital, which already intends to commit to staking the ether balance to a greater extent, if only the next successes of the Ethereum Foundation will be delivered. Data from the new Beacon Chain explorer shows that 870,000 ETH has already been blocked, well above the minimum 524,000 ETH needed to run the network. Some believe that this move signals the entry of institutional capital into Ethereum and the ecosystem DeFithat may initiate another wave of growth.

Spotify has published a job offer for the position of Assistant Director of Payment Strategy and Innovation, which will have a real impact on the integration of payments in cryptocurrencies. The goal is to carry out the company’s agenda, as we can learn, to “create new monetization opportunities” for music makers. Everything indicates that Spotify intends to instill the latest trends in its payment strategy fintech, outside cryptocurrencies they are interested in the implementation of the Facebook Diem project.

The US Congress is about to regulate stablecoins. The law would require companies and service providers in the cryptocurrency market to obtain government approval before offering them to users. If consent is not obtained and cooperation with the previously mentioned entities continues, trading in these virtual assets could be prohibited on the basis of this law.

The Taihuttus family, a Dutch family that gave everything they had in 2017 in exchange for Investments in bitcoin She claims that she continues to buy this asset and is bullish on the market. The head of the family, husband and father of three children, Didi, took a bold step three years ago by selling his profitable company and 2,500-square-foot house, allocating the raised funds to a virtual asset. Today he can be satisfied with his choice.

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