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October 3, 2022
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News from the crypto market # 41 –

In the new 41st episode of the cryptocurrency summary of the week:

Bitcoin is moving inside a symmetrical triangle, and this breakout will likely result in further north or south movement. We are currently seeing increased market anticipation in the context of the continued behavior of the digital asset.

The cryptocurrency trust firm Anchorage has become the first OCC approved company to claim the title of the national cryptocurrency bank in the United States. According to regulators, the verification process was as strict as in the context of other payment institutions. Anchorage Digital Bank will therefore be at the same regulatory level as other national banks in the country. OCC interim head Brian Brooks recently stated that the banking sector will completely shift to blockchain.

Vonovia, one of the leading housing companies in Germany, announced a digital bond issue worth EUR 20 million on the Stellar blockchain. Based on this innovative implementation, an element of property rights transfer will be made.

As Reuters reported, major banking institutions in the United States hope that 2020 and the problems associated with it are over. However, the decreasing level of trust in banking institutions and the unprecedented scale of reprinting at the moment indicate that most customers will want to look for other ways of allocating money, which may be saved by the market of decentralized finance and Bitcoin.

Willy Woo believes that the bitcoin boom is just beginning, and his valuation models for the asset point to $ 300,000 later this year. If the course really follows the path marked out by mathematical models, it could be assumed that the peak of the bull market will be in December this year. The predictability of the Woo model is attributed to the hard-coded characteristics of Bitcoin.

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