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October 4, 2022
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News from the crypto market # 42 –

In the new 42nd episode of the cryptocurrency summary of the week:

Technical analysis and a discussion of the situation on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency can be found in the video. We cordially invite you to listen.
In addition, in the new video you will find:

Optimism, a solution that allows you to run smart contracts outside of Ethereum and store the results only in the main chain, after one year of development over the weekend, is deployed to the main network. So far, the implementation is done in stages, and the Optimism team presents the details of the commissioning and tests that still have to be performed on the network. Launching will also involve proper attention to safety issues. The project authorities ensure that authenticated payouts have also been enabled to prevent malicious activity, while the relevant entities will be given administrator keys to update contracts in case of emergency. The public main network is likely to be implemented at the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Justin Roiland, who put his debut collection of NFT tokens on the Nifty Gateway platform up for auction, can boast a resounding success. Digital images saved on the blockchain sold for $ 1.65 million in Ether. The co-creator of the famous Rick and Morty referred in his art to this popular sitcom.

Trezor warns against a bogus app on Google Play that is purported to be malicious and has no relationship to Trezor or SatoshiLabs. The hardware wallet vendor urges customers not to install malicious applications, reminding users never to share their seed phrase with anyone. Although the application has probably already been removed from the storefront, remember that this type of intercepting attack has happened several times in the past, so we should show appropriate intelligence and prudence in the context of catching potential threats in the future.

Sberbank plans to launch its stablecoin by spring 2021. It is very likely that the project will be launched in the spring, shortly after the digital financial asset taxation is resolved. However, the initiators of this solution hope that this question will be resolved soon.

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