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November 27, 2022
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NFT “CryptoPunk” kit sold for approx. 17 million dollars –

The collection of nine CryptoPunk series tokens sold for $ 16.9 million. This took place at an auction in Christie’s, New York.

CryptoPunk for $ 17 million

The auction was a historic event. CryptoPunk is credited with being the first non-exchangeable tokens in history. And they went to an auction conducted by Christie’s, which is in turn recognized as one of the most luxurious auction houses in the world.

NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets that represent deeds of digital or physical assets. In practice, they give property rights to works of art, songs, graphics, visualizations or video clips.

Punk is not dead

CryptoPunk is 10,000 NFT series. It was created by a developer called LarvaLabs. The tokens are attached to tiny, pixelated portraits of randomly generated faces, each different from the rest. Since their launch in 2017, they have become one of the most respected digital collectors in the cryptocurrency market. Individual NFT CryptoPunks have already been sold for over $ 7 million.

Christie’s was the first major auction house to tackle the NFT phenomenon. Already last year, it sold physical graphics related to Bitcoin, associated with the accompanying NFT.

NFT are revolutionizing the world of art

It is worth recalling that the Polish band Behemoth broadcast their NFT collection a few days ago. Each NFT consists of a looped animation with sounds from the album “The Satanist”. The sound layer of the animation was prepared by Tomasz “Orion” Wróblewski, the group’s bassist.

Recently, the Megadeth group decided to take a similar step, which we wrote about here. The musicians, in turn, released a theme called “Vic Rattlehead: Genesis”, which includes the band’s logo and its mascot rotating in opposite directions for six seconds.

Earlier, NFT also issued the Kings of Leon formation, which made the premiere of their last album more attractive. In addition, Grimes, the singer and life partner of Elon Musk, sold her NFT. Interestingly, it was not about the music, but the graphic work that she prepared with her brother.

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