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October 4, 2022
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NULS and Nerve ecosystems strengthen with more partnerships

Confirmation of new strategic partnerships highlights the commitment of the NULS / Nerve team to reach a growing audience.

Taking advantage of the dynamism of the crypto market and its constant new opportunities, the team at NULS announced some more strategic partnerships in order to enhance its reach in the face of an increasingly diversified investor profile.

The new partner projects span multiple areas, including dApp, DeFi and NFTs platforms.

Peet DeFi platform reaches the ecosystem

THE Peet DeFi is a dapps platform that allows gains in several blockchains from other blockchains. These gains are accounted for in their native token, the PTE. An advantage of this token is to farm ETH, NEO, Waves, BNB, USDT as soon as it is added to the staking pools. It is also possible to obtain this result with other cryptocurrencies.

With regard to NULS / Nerve, it is easy to understand that there are many benefits to cooperating with a decentralized finance platform that aims to provide collateralization of real world assets, in addition to highly profitable yield farming for its users.

An example of this ‘exchange’ is the fact that Nerve is used as a foundation platform for Peet’s developments while providing practicality, speed and economy in PTE token transactions.

BonFi and a new Staking opportunity

THE BonFi is a platform for services, open finance and multi-layered liquidity mining complemented by BonVest (AI-based), a professional liquidity mining solution for cryptocurrencies. It breathes new life into an already complete DeFi product by combining smart contract staking with a cryptocurrency liquidity pool.

NULS and Nerve ecosystems strengthen with more partnerships 22

Through POCM program, BonFi will reward BNF APY tokens to holders that stake NULS, bringing a new currency to diversify investors’ portfolio.

Such a staking initiative will help BonFi increase its exposure within the NULS community and its associated partner ecosystems, which include Ankr, RampDefi, OKEX and Binance. Thus, even greater integration begins to be studied, aiming, for example, to incorporate NULS ‘DeFi offers to the BonFi platform.

It is evident that the main objective, then, would be to facilitate interoperability and use between both ecosystems.

Cyclops Finance and the coming of more crypto games

The project includes gamification, yield farming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of games and puzzles. Each level found in the games is a real treasure hunt adventure, with real treasures.

Cyclops Treasure (CYRT) is an NFT with a maximum offer of only 1000 units. In fact, the CYRT token was priced at over $ 200 in early December 2020 at CoinMarketCap.

NULS and Nerve ecosystems strengthen with more partnerships 23

With partnerships like this, both NULS and Nerve continue to leverage blockchain usability through dapps in finance and gaming. A significantly important tool from NULS and Nerve is the platform’s cross-chain interoperability, which can connect several blockchains and industries.

By merging these resources with Cyclops Finance, NULS and Nerve intend to take NFT games to another level, paving the way for a pack of unique DeFi solutions on the market!

About NULS

NULS is an adaptable, open-source, enterprise-oriented blockchain platform that offers quick solutions for developers. With microservices, smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability and instant chain building, NULS sets a new industry standard in simplifying blockchain adoption.

For more information and updates on NULS visit www.nuls.io
Follow us on Twitter: @NulsPortugues

About Nerve

Nerve is a decentralized network of services in digital assets and a blockchain protocol of cross-chain interactions based on NULS microservices and developed with ChainBox, also from NULS.

It aims to establish a cross-chain network of asset interaction and providing all the necessary support for the Defi application ecosystem. Nerve allows all holders of digital assets to enjoy truly secure, free and transparent DeFi application services.

For more information and updates on the Nerve Network visit http://nerve.network/ or sign in NULS Portuguese Group on Telegram.
Follow us on Twitter: @nerve_network.

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