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December 5, 2022
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OneCoin and murder: two scam promoters killed

Two OneCoin scam promoters were found dead in Mexico. Earlier, both were reportedly kidnapped.

Onecoin and murder

Oscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra, the two main promoters of OneCoin in Latin America, were previously kidnapped and eventually killed. He wrote about the case yesterday Cointelegraph en Español. According to reports, two men promoted OneCoin as a payment method.

The details of the crime are terrifying. The bodies were found in boxes on an empty plot. Apparently both men were killed by suffocation.

Oscar Brito Ibarra, a citizen of Chile, first began operating in the structures of the scam in 2017. After some time, Ignacio Ibarra joined him, who in turn was previously involved in the promotion of the discount program for the purchase of vehicles using the OneCoin token. According to the media, the cars promised to naive investors were never delivered to them. Oddly enough, despite the frauds, the two men continued to promote the pyramid in Latin America.

It is known that the duo deceived about 140 people in Argentina. Some of them lost even 400,000 USD.

A trip with a tragic finale

On June 20, the partners went to Mazatlan on Sinaloa. According to La Tercera, the exact reason for the trip remains unclear, although it apparently could have been related to their activities. It is not clear what happened next. Most likely, someone kidnapped and killed them. The bodies of two men were found a few days later on the said plot.

Referring to a US service report, La Tercera journalists suggested that both murders may have involved the activities of local drug cartels, which are reportedly increasingly dealing with cryptocurrencies for the purpose of money laundering.

OneCoin next to BitConnect is today the most famous cryptocurrency financial pyramid. The Bulgarian company has raised as much as EUR 4 billion (USD 4.4 billion) over its years of operation as part of its Ponzi program. Her co-creator Konstantin Ignatov is already in custody in the USA. He faces up to 90 years in prison. His sister and partner, Ruja, remains at large. Nobody knows what happened to her. In July, the Singaporean program promoter was found guilty of cheating people and fined $ 72,000.

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