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August 9, 2022
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Pantera Capital: Bitcoin will cost $ 100,000 –

The investment firm Pantera Capital says Bitcoin will breach the $ 100,000 mark on the chart earlier than originally predicted.

Pantera Capital surprised by the successes of BTC

In New leaves to investors, CEO and director of investments of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead recalled that when the BTC rate fell in March 2020, he assured that the cryptocurrency would set a new price record within 12 months. He predicted institutional investors would start making allocations in digital currency.

“It took several months to stabilize. (…) Now [hossa] it is fully. (…) Prices will be much higher before this cycle ends “

– added.

Morehead, however, added that Bitcoin had started to rise sharply ahead of Pantera Capital’s prediction. The CEO of the company emphasized that from March 15, 2021, BTC is ahead of the schedule prepared by the company in terms of price movements, already by three weeks. We learned that the latter was based on the analysis of the S2F indicator.

Bitcoin at $ 115,000

Bitcoin broke the $ 60,000 mark on March 13, breaking the Panther’s original forecast. Morehead admits that, in his opinion, BTC is now well on its way to reaching $ 115,000. And that within a few weeks.

Bitcoin is now ahead of our forecast for April 2020 – it will reach $ 115,000 this summer

– added.

Morehead also mentions the strong performance of the decentralized finance sector (DeFi):

“Since the publication of our letter to investors in March 2020 in which we presented our basic thesis that unlimited printing of money will raise the prices of assets that cannot be manipulated, Pantera funds have increased enormously.

In addition, the strength of DeFi appears in the profits of our hedge funds. DeFi’s assets surpass even the remarkable performance of Bitcoin.

We believe that we are on the threshold of several hundred years of transformation ”.

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