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August 9, 2022
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Paris Hilton wrote an article about NFT –

Paris Hilton has just proven that she is not only interested in NFT tokens, but also has a good understanding of the potential applications of this technology. In the post on your blog titled “I’m Excited About NFT – You Should Be, Too,” she described what intrigued her about the new trend.

Paris Hilton is fascinated by the NFT

Today, Paris Hilton is an icon of pop culture that promotes a number of products. Now she has revealed that she is fascinated by NFT.

I see NFT, or non-exchangeable tokens, as the future of the creator economy. By using blockchain technology, you can help creators add value to their work and share it with fans in real time

– she wrote.

She added that the lockdown policy during a global pandemic “Showed the importance of digital worlds and NFT.” She noticed that today many people put their lives online in search of entertainment and social contacts.

I began to realize how important NFTs could turn out to be and what impact they would have on virtual worlds. Digital art, fashion or branding can be displayed on someone’s avatar or in a virtual environment, or sold. You can now buy virtual real estate with NFT. In Axie Infinity’s virtual pet world, someone paid $ 1.5 million worth of cryptocurrency for nine plots! You can also buy virtual cars

– she wrote.

Hilton also believes that the NFTs could also enable the fashion industry to present its designs and products digitally. The pandemic is currently making it difficult to organize fashion shows.

He further refers to the example of tokenization of genuine baseball cards as a way to explain the basic concept of NFT to millions of fans. She said that “as the owner of the card you can create a token in the blockchain to represent the authenticity of this baseball card. You can now trade it or sell it for other valuable blockchain goods. “

Democratization of art

Hilton believes that“NFT democratize art”, as artists can use NFT platforms to connect directly with large audiences and buyers, bypassing intermediaries such as galleries, distributors and agents.

She concluded the text by stating that the potential applications of this technology are so broad that she is beginning to be interested in them herself.

Some of these apps can even change the way we live. What if we could use NFT as security for physical items?

– he asks.

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