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August 15, 2022
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Peter Brandt: Bitcoin should not be an end in itself –

Investor associated more with traditional markets rather than cryptocurrency exchanges, Peter Brandt, sparked a Twitter debate about cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, “Bitcoin is an absolutely bad way to find value in life.” Overall, he entered the more philosophical areas of trading on the stock exchange.

Peter Brandt: do not live to invest, invest to live comfortably

Brandt seemed to be quite philosophical. In his opinion, investing in anything should not be considered a priority in your life.

Bitcoin is an absolutely bad way to find value in life. I trade to live, not live to trade

– he stated and added that Bitcoin should not be someone’s end in itself. So he suggested that cryptocurrency is only a source of income generation, not something like a hobby or a modern idol.

By the way, Internet users noted a certain pathology of the cryptocurrency market, noting that some investors take part in “Rat Race.”

The whole discussion was provoked by Laura Shin, a well-known journalist from the cryptocurrency market. As she wrote, people write sentences to her like: “Have fun remaining poor”. She herself, she claims, does not own a single Bitcoin (or parts of it). However, she explained that she believed she was leading a more interesting life anyway than many investors in the digital currency market.

Overdosing with Bitcoin

Actually, Brandt and Shin entered an important and interesting topic. In fact, many investors in the digital asset market fall into a kind of fanaticism and see BTC as more than just a tool for trading and speculating. Are they right? Opinions will probably be divided here.

SwanBitcoin’s Brandon Quittem tweeted that the best cryptocurrencies on the market help nurture various important values:

Bitcoin fans value independence, property rights, honesty, truth, etc. Bitcoin is the realization of these values.

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