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October 4, 2022
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PlanB analyst: Bitcoin will go up five times more –

The PlanB analyst, who was the first to apply the S2F model to BTC, said that the top cryptocurrency will increase fivefold from the current level.

PlanB analyst: BTC to go up five times more

PlanB believes that the price of BTC will exceed the $ 100,000 level predicted by its original S2F model. Thereafter, the rate will rise to $ 288,000, which is the revised forecast price target.

End of December: $ 28,992. End of January: $ 33,141. End February: $ 45,240. Price as of March 17: $ 55,000

– he lists in the tweet.

As suggested, it is too early for the BTC bubble to burst. This one only lasts 3.5 months.

In my opinion, BTC will not stop at $ 100,000

– added.

ATH is expected to eventually total $ 288,000 during this cycle.

The S2F model compares the quantity of an asset in circulation divided by the quantity produced each year. It is traditionally used to analyze the true value of precious metals such as gold and silver.

PlanB released its latest S2F model in April 2020. In it, he predicted that Bitcoin would reach a market capitalization of $ 5.5 trillion and a price of $ 288,000 in 2020-2024 (when the next halving would come). At that time, BTC cost less than $ 9,000.

Is it worth investing in BTC today?

An anonymous analyst who claims to be Dutch in his forties and part of an institutional investment team that manages approximately $ 100 billion in assets believes that anyone considering adding Bitcoin to their wallet should pay attention to the risk-reward ratio:

The key issue is not the high risk or volatility of Bitcoin, but that the return is higher than the risk. [występuje] asymmetry.

Even if you only invest 5% of your portfolio (and therefore you can lose up to 5%), the average return on your portfolio is + 20%. BTC is the only asset I know with such large asymmetry.

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