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August 9, 2022
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PlanB: Bitcoin’s supercycle has not started yet –

An analyst hiding under the pseudonym PlanB says he does not yet see Bitcoin starting its supercycle that could raise the price of the cryptocurrency to $ 1 million.

PlanB: Investors are divided into groups

In his new tweet, PlanB is quoting Chicago Booth Reviewwebsite that published an article outlining how you can group market participants according to their mindset. The first group thinks little when investing. During this time, the third group – the experts – is able to predict what other investors are thinking in order to make more informed decisions.

PlanB emphasizes that this means most cryptocurrency market participants are irrational too.

“It is crucial to know that there are people on level zero (> 50), level one (approx. 33), level two (approx. 22), level X (approx. 0-5). (…) Level X is too rational in some cases (e.g. investing) “ – he wrote.

Bitcoin supercycle

PlanB also claims that the BTC price of as much as USD 1 million is not very realistic today. In his opinion, this suggests that most investors still do not think about the future of cryptocurrency and do not look at it in a broader way. He stressed that such people do not know the true value of Bitcoin.

“You think all other people are rational too, but they aren’t. Many people don’t think or understand anything at all. Most people only think one or two steps ahead. The market is just the majority of people “ He explained.

Even so, PlanB believes the BTC price will soon exceed the $ 100,000 mark. As suggested in another tweet, it’s too early for the BTC bubble to burst. This one only lasts 3.5 months.

In my opinion, BTC will not stop at $ 100,000

– added.

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