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July 6, 2022
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PlayWay launches a platform that rewards game originators |

PlayWay launched the “Need for Game Idea” gaming platform yesterday. The subsidiary PWay stands behind it. Access to it is free and it is available in almost all countries of the world. Distribution of PWay tokens also begins.

PlayWay with a platform for players

“The Management Board of PlayWay S.A. based in Warsaw informs that today the Internet platform called Need for Game Idea will be put into use by all interested Internet users and players “

– communicated in the communication.

More details follow:

“The Need for Game Idea platform will be made available to players and internet users simultaneously on all continents and almost all countries in the world.”

The purpose of the platform is to collect ideas for new games from players. Interestingly, the authors of the most interesting concepts will be rewarded in PWAY, i.e. the company’s tokens, which will, in turn, be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, but it will also be possible to buy unique things for them and pay for services related to games and have an impact on the development of the platform.

How to create the game of your dreams?

To submit your game idea, simply register for Need for Game Idea using your Steam account.

Each user can submit one idea for which they will receive 1 PWAY token. If the company likes this project, the entire concept will be published in the internal PlayWay system, available to the group’s development companies.

Then, the author of the idea, after concluding the contract transferring the copyright to the concept, will receive 100 PWAY and a 5% guarantee. share in the profits from the sale of the game, if it is released.

The PWAY token itself is based on Ethereum. A limited amount is to be launched on the market: 42 111 111 units.

In the long term, the entire platform is to be financed from a share in the profits of games that will be created on the basis of users’ ideas. The platform will charge 6 percent from developers from the PlayWay group. profits from the sale of games. Then it is to transfer, already in PWAY tokens, which the platform will buy from the market according to strictly defined rules, the equivalent of 5 percent. the profits from the game developers.

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