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December 5, 2022
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Polish Security Printing Works reportedly unlawfully used someone else’s code to create e-evidence – Blocksats

“The user of GitHub accused the Polish Security Printing Works of unlawful use of someone else’s source code in the software it produced. PWPW was to use fragments of OpenSC software in E-proof applications, electronic signature and E-proof manager in violation of the license. “ – informs Computer World portal.

PWPW broke the law?

It’s about OpenSC. This is a set of programming tools and libraries intended for “Support for smart cards, especially those with encryption support and facilitating their use in applications such as authorization, mail encryption and electronic signatures.”

The whole affair began a few days ago on GitHub. It was there that the thread appeared in which its author, Piotr Majkrzak, presented his evidence, which in his opinion shows that the Polish Security Printing Works violated copyright law. “At least one of the E-evidence software components (e-dowod-pkcs11-64.so) looks like copied from one of the OpenSC libraries. “- considers a potential victim.

In practice, this means that OpenSC “Not included as a separate library”, and its code has already been included in the e-proof software. The problem is that OpenSC is distributed under license.

In response to the current situation, Majkrzak wrote to PWPW a request about “Providing access to software source codes.” He found out that “For security reasons, the application source codes are a business secret and cannot be shared.”


E-ID is obviously a digitized version of a traditional ID. It is equipped with so-called electronic layer, i.e. a chip in a plastic form that contains a certified electronic signature.

E-proof was created in the form known to us in 2019. The entire project was implemented under the Innovative Economy Operational Program. Part of his budget was covered by the European Union. Our country has also committed to implementing the e-proof platform by March 31, 2019, all on pain of returning EU qualified funds. We are talking about PLN 148 million! Plus any interest …

E-proofs and application support related to them are dealt with by the Polish Printing Works. The Ministry of the Interior and Administration has been exercising ownership supervision over it for three years.

For now, public entities do not comment on the matter.

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