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October 2, 2022
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Polish students do not invest –

Most often, research shows that young people invest in cryptocurrencies. CFA Society Poland decided to check how Polish students are doing on the capital market. It turns out, however, that only every third student born between 1990 and 2000 actively invests their financial resources.

Students don’t invest

The CFA surveyed students of Polish universities (the median age in the study was 23 years). Only every third declared that he invests. Every second respondent stated that although he did not invest, he planned to do so in the near or near future. Still, as much as 17 percent. declared that it does not invest and does not even have such plans.

But why are Polish students not investing? The barrier is the lack of savings (64%) and too low income (51%). Almost half (46%) claim that they do not have the knowledge that is necessary on the capital market.

Unfortunately, the above shows that, as a country, we still have a lot to do in this field.

The barriers mentioned in the study by the late millennials still show that as a society we treat investing as an activity available only to a narrow group of recipients – explains in the pages bankier.pl prof. Krzysztof Jajuga, President of CFA Society Poland. – The conclusions of the study also show that in Poland we still lack financial education, which would certainly encourage a part of the young society to become interested in the subject of investment. Only less than 33 percent. 20-year-olds are actively investing. I believe that most of this group is represented by people studying economics – he adds.

How much can young people invest?

As the study shows, young people actually do not have large funds that can be spent on investments. Most often, these are amounts lower than 10 thousand. PLN. Only every fifth respondent can boast of invested funds of up to PLN 30,000. PLN. Only 10 percent. claims he has invested between 101,000 and 500,000. PLN.

52 percent of the surveyed students say that they invest with a view to their future retirement or increasing their quality of life. Some want to buy a house or flat faster (45%). 43 percent claims that in this way it generates money for the so-called black hour.

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