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October 4, 2022
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Polkadot takes over the market! Life Project? – Bitcoin Radio # 29 –

The market has calmed down somewhat over the past week. Bitcoin’s price did not establish a new ATH, and most of the market has dealt with the downturn that occurred two weeks ago. The biggest star, however, is Polkadot. This young and ambitious project increased its value by 100% in 7 days!

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Polkadot a hero of Bitcoin Radio, and besides …

UBS Wealth Management compares bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to MySpace and Netscape. What’s the problem? Well, the fact that:

“In our opinion, there is little to stop the price of cryptocurrencies from falling to zero when a better-designed version is launched or when regulatory changes dampen sentiment. Netscape and MySpace are examples of web applications that enjoyed great popularity but eventually disappeared. ” – explains Michael Bollinger, investment director.

Since I mentioned Polkadot earlier, it is worth mentioning that the record increases in the value of this project pushed it to the 4th place in the capitalization ranking. With the exception of Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP have been on the podium for the capitalization ranking for many years. We do not know where Polkadot will go yet.

The president of the Fed, Jerome Powell, stated that one of the most important tasks facing the US Federal Reserve is the creation of the CBDC. According to Powell, central bank stablecoins could become important to the current financial system almost overnight.

I also hope you remember that the time for PIT settlements will come soon. Especially for you, we will devote one segment of Bitcoin Radio to how to ensure the settlement of profits from cryptocurrencies. If you had any income in 2020 (and I know you did), be sure to listen to the information in this episode of Bitcoin Radio.

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