December 9, 2022
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Poll: big investors want to buy more cryptocurrencies –

A new study has shown that hedge fund executives, wealth management experts, and institutional investors who already own cryptocurrency assets intend to increase their holdings in this market.

Poll: The Biggest Want More Cryptocurrencies

The survey was conducted by the London-based Nickel Digital Asset Management fund. The survey revealed that 82% of 100 surveyed investors and wealth managers expect to increase their exposure to digital assets from now until 2023.

The survey was conducted online in May and June and made available by the website Cointelegraph. It involved as many as 50 property managers and 50 institutional investors. They all had exposure to cryptocurrency assets before and lived in the US, UK, France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Four out of ten said they intended to “dramatically increase your stake“On the cryptocurrency market. Only 7% declare that they intend to reduce their exposure, and only 1% plan to sell all their resources.

It is worth adding, however, that most of the surveyed institutional investors have cryptocurrencies, but in very small amounts. As added, “Many have just tested this market to see how it works.”

Reason for investing? Cryptocurrency potential!

The study also found that the main reason for increasing investments in digital assets lies in the long-term growth prospects of the market. This is the opinion of as many as 58% of the respondents.

About 38% of those polled said that having some exposure to cryptocurrency assets allowed them to get to know the market better.

Nickel Digital co-founder and CEO Anatoly Crachilov added that confidence in the asset class was rising and he expected this trend to continue.

Our analysis in early June this year revealed that 19 publicly traded companies with a market capitalization of more than $ 1 trillion invested a total of around $ 6.5 billion in bitcoin, initially spending $ 4.3 billion on cryptocurrency purchases – He said.

Last month, a study by UK investment firm AJ Bell’s revealed that more people bought cryptocurrencies in the last year than equity-related savings products. A May MasterCard survey showed that four out of ten plan to use cryptocurrencies for payments and less for investing. This process is supposed to be visible in the next year.

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