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PSB reacts to the “BitBay scandal” | Blocksats

On Saturday, “Supervisor” TVN24 published material about the “BitBay scandal”. It was claimed that the stock market was founded by people with a criminal past. Sylwester Suszek, BitBay CEO, quickly responded to all allegations. Now, however, the Polish Bitcoin Association (PSB) has published its open letter regarding the matter.

PSB writes to the authorities and TVN

PSB addresses its letter to the national authorities and TVN. The letter included as many as 22 points. regarding the matter. First of all, it was noted that any controversy could take place because the authorities in Poland did not regulate the cryptocurrency market. Despite the fact that PSB has been calling for the above for several years.

It was also noted that OneCoin – shown in the material as cryptocurrency – was never a design like Bitcoin.

“The OneCoin project mentioned in the material has never been a cryptocurrency. It was a project impersonating cryptocurrencies, based on this marketing. Our environment has been fighting the financial pyramids for years. We warned against, among others above. project asking the authorities of our country to deal with this and many similar projects “

– explains FIlip Pawczyński, president of PSB.

The association also points out factual errors:

“The report proved that in practice alleged bribes are given in cash, and not using cryptocurrencies, because the latter leave a lot of digital traces. All cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe are institutions obliged to carry out procedures for identifying the identity of KYC customers, and Poland was the first country to introduce such a requirement as part of the implementation of the AMLD4 and 5 directives.

It is not true that Mr. Haertle’s “expert” claims that “most transactions.” [kryptowalutowych] took place for criminal purposes. ” This opinion is not confirmed by the results of scientific research, nor in the available expert studies of companies dealing with this topic, nor in the opinions and reports of international institutions, including governmental and central banks themselves. “

Errors and manipulations

PSB also highlights other manipulations:

Dr. Kawecki [pokazany w materiale jako ekspert – przyp. Bitcoin.pl] he did not cooperate with the cryptocurrency industry, and his scope of activity in the Ministry of Digitization completely did not concern this subject. Lack of knowledge was seen in the report, for example when he insinuated that Thailand and Venezuela had banned cryptocurrencies because of the “highest extent” of crime there. Meanwhile, observations show that the less democratic the countries are, the more willing they are to take steps to control the flow of capital, including cryptocurrencies. The problems with Venezuela concern the destruction of the economy by local politicians, the society is trying to save itself from the fallen currency of this country. In addition, the Venezuelan authorities introduced their own cryptocurrency, wishing to displace the use of Bitcoin. It is significant, however, that citizens can recently obtain a passport in Venezuela where the only form of payment is, ironically, Bitcoin.


It is not true that Sylwester Suszek was “thrown out” from the “working group” of the Ministry of Digitization. Dr. Kawecki may not know this, because he did not participate in these works at all – which he probably forgot to say to the editors. Before signing the commitment to comply with the “Canon”, Sylwester Suszek presented his criminal record record and criminal records related to BitBay. The requirement of no criminal record was introduced into the “Canon” on his initiative. We remind you that this was not based on the requirements of the law or the Ministry, but on environmental self-control initiated by us. “

The whole can be read on Facebook:

We present an open letter after yesterday’s Superwizjer TVN broadcast by TVN24, which level has lowered …

Published by Polish Bitcoin Association Monday, June 29, 2020

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