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October 4, 2022
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Rafał Zaorski creates his token –

A living legend of trading in Poland, Rafał Zaorski, decided to create a $ BSB Coin. It is a token that is intended to improve cooperation between investors. In addition, it will enable them to associate freely and to operate more efficiently in the market. The idea brings to mind what we’ve seen in the case of WallStreetBets forum members.

Rafał Zaorski and his token

Main reason BSB Coin is to support the international community of traders. Apparently, the token may become a valuable speculative instrument. Why? It is about his interesting economic model. Some of the coins are to be burned out every year. Thus, it will strengthen their deflationary nature, which in turn should contribute to the increase in the value of a single token. The creators want to burn tokens equivalent to 10 percent. profits achieved through community trading activities.

But at what stage is the project now? Currently, Rafał Zaorski runs presale. The goal is to collect as much as 1000 ETH. One unit of BSB Coin costs $ 0.80. After the presale is complete, the token price is expected to immediately increase to a range of $ 1 to $ 2.

Interestingly, the whole thing is based on a smart contract that was constructed in a very thoughtful way. According to the creators, in the event of failure to collect the assumed amount or the death of Zaorski, and thus suspension of work on the project, all funds will be automatically returned to investors.

Hurdles vs. whales

Zaorski’s actions are the aftermath of what happened on the WallStreetBets online forum. This is where the idea to outsmart the stock market whales was born. GameStop shares were targeted. Petty speculators began to encourage other investors on the network to buy the company’s securities. As a result, there was a jump in the valuation of shares. However, it meant a disaster for institutional investors whose strategy was based on shortcuts. The big fish were forced by the hurdles to close the position with losses.

Rafał Zaorski himself has been known in the trading world for many years. A few years ago he became famous for the fact that made its cryptocurrency wallets public. As he claims, a real trader should show his results on the stock exchange. It is also the leader of Trading Jam Session, a foundation that supports Polish investors. The organization has repeatedly warned against various scams in the financial market.

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