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October 4, 2022
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Raoul Pal: Bitcoin could soon go up to $ 50,000 –

Former Goldman Sachs executive director and current Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal said Bitcoin could positively surprise its investors in February. He adds that the cryptocurrency may become more expensive in the coming weeks. It is expected to cost as much as $ 50,000 by the beginning of March.

Pal: Bitcoin will rise significantly in February

Recent weeks have led to extreme fluctuations in investor sentiment on the BTC market. On the one hand, the cryptocurrency hit ATH of $ 42,000. Later, however, concerns arose about, for example, what policy regarding digital currencies the new White House administration will adopt.

However, Raoul Pal reassures: after a period of consolidation, BTC may start another rally on the chart.

BTC seems to be getting ready to climb (…) – he predicts and adds that there is a chance that we will have to pay as much as USD 50,000 for one Bitcoin. When? Supposedly at the beginning of March.

Take a look at altcoins!

Pal, which has so far invested mainly in Bitcoin and Ethereum, says it has officially expanded its portfolio with ten altcoins. As he added, he allocates 5 percent. of its portfolio in cryptocurrency assets with smaller capitalization, but says it has no plans to make public any details of its new investments.

I know you all ask for my 10 alt types, but I will not make it public – He said. – Not because it’s some amazing analysis, but because I don’t want it to look like I’m pumping less liquid stuff. These are really ordinary assets – he explained.

Today, for 1 BTC on stock exchanges, you pay approx. USD 31 160, which is roughly the same as yesterday and approx. 5 percent. less than 7 days ago. In turn, 1 ETH costs USD 1,287 – 1.3 percent. more than 24 hours ago.

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