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December 9, 2022
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Rapper Money Man receives $1 million in Bitcoin from Empire

Atlanta’s Money Man received its $1 million advance entirely in Bitcoin (BTC) from the Empire Distribution record label

Always very active in the cryptocurrency industry, to the point of having a Telegram group of 40,000 people discussing the matter, Money Man is the first artist to receive an advance of 1 million dollars in Bitcoin, from the Empire Distribution label.

Atlanta rapper’s new music track “Blockchain” was released yesterday, November 12th. See how Money Man commented on the event two days ago, sharing with Ghazi Shami, the founder of Empire Distribution.

Being financially savvy is the new Ghazi wave. Blockchain streaming everywhere

In addition, on the same day, Money Man also shared a video on Twitter that attests to the advance payment made by Empire of 14.72 Bitcoin through the Cash App.

Money Man and Bitcoin wages: now in the music industry too

In the United States, there has been a lot of talk recently about wages in Bitcoin. After being in the National Football League (NFL), players like Aaron Rodgers said they wanted to convert part of their salary into Bitcoin, now it’s Money Man’s turn to open up the dance to the music industry as well.

Rodgers’ ad ten days ago was very similar to Money Man’s current one. In both cases, it was actually $1 million in Bitcoin and the use of CashApp.

Another story, however, is being written by some American politicians. First, Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami who a few days ago said he wanted to be the first US politician to receive a salary in Bitcoin.

That statement came publicly on Twitter, in response to Anthony Pompliano, the cryptocurrency influencer who appears to have launched the challenge.

Soon afterward, newly elected New York Mayor Eric Adams said he was ready to take his salary in Bitcoin. With Adams, New York could become a major financial center for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin between ATH and update

This week, Bitcoin hit new highs that reached, without touching it, $69,000. However, as of Thursday, November 11th, the BTC appears to be trying to rebound, dropping to $64,886 at the moment.

At the same time, on the night of November 13th to 14th, 2021, the soft fork will take place that will definitely activate the update of Taproot in the Bitcoin protocol. Also in block 709,632 Schnorr signatures will also be implemented.

This is the only Bitcoin protocol update in the last 4 years, as the last one took place in August 2017, with the introduction of SegWit.

Source: cryptonomist

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