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June 27, 2022
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Rareporn – the first erotic NFT platform in France was created –

Rareporn is the first NFT erotic platform in France. It recently completed private sales and raised $ 2 million in the process. The company plans to employ at least 25 people and will operate in the USA and Japan, but will reach customers all over the world.

Rareporn and the global adult entertainment industry

The adult entertainment industry is growing exponentially and Rareporn is trying to capitalize on this growth. According to SimilarWeb, in April 2021 alone, the adult site “XVideos” was visited 3.1 billion times. Amazon and Netflix recorded 2.45 billion and 1.23 billion hits, respectively, in the same period.

Marco Garniga and Nils Lataillade are Co-CEOs of RarePorn. Both have previously held leadership positions in startups such as Jumia, Amazon, and Meero.

They claim that NFT Rareporn will help improve copyright protection on the Internet. This is an important issue – especially for adult filmmakers. The platform itself, in addition to access to unique and authentic content, offers collector’s items, such as lingerie worn by a given actress or erotic films.

The company’s first NFT sold for 2.5 ETH, or approximately $ 10,000. Sale of an exclusive movie and underwear by actress Clei Gaultier.

Poken cryptocurrency

In addition to entering the NFT market, Rareporn also created its own token – Poken (PKN). Users can purchase non-exchangeable tokens on the platform. Thanks to PKN, content creators can receive remuneration via the platform from fans who subscribe to their profile or want to tip their creators.

This approach puts erotic content creators at the center of the ecosystem, leaving them out of the control of “parasitic” producers or video platforms. Viewers of their XXX films and photos will also be awarded with PKN tokens.

With the end of the private sale of the PKN token, the company wants to start an ICO. This will allow the general public to purchase the PKN token and become part of a completely new model of adult entertainment. It is both an innovative and transparent solution.

While a specific date for the launch of the ICO is yet to be determined, more extensive trading of Rareporn NFT is sure to start in June.

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