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December 5, 2022
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Ricardo Salinas Pliego: invest in BTC –

Ricardo Salinas Pliego is the third richest man in Mexico. He believes that Bitcoin is an excellent investment and everyone should invest in it.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego: BTC is a great investment

During interview with the director of Blockchain Land, José RodríguezRicardo Salinas Pliego assured that Bitcoin is as solid an investment as gold. He explained that the debate about its nature is not so relevant to those who know its properties.

– In my opinion, all the advantages that Bitcoin has are enough to become the gold of the modern world … There is no point in discussing whether it is a currency or not – He said.

The billionaire argues that the fact that Bitcoin has a limited supply, is easy to transport and enjoys exceptional liquidity in the international arena makes cryptocurrency an asset worth considering when building an investment portfolio.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego

Bitcoin is an asset of international importance, characterized by enormous liquidity around the world. For this reason, it should be included in every portfolio – added.

One of the most famous businessmen in the world

Ricardo Salinas is one of the first prominent Latin American businessmen to talk about Bitcoin and support it on social media. He himself also revealed that 10% of his liquid investment portfolio was held in Bitcoin, which of course isn’t a breeze considering his fortune.

And when asked about the potential of Ethereum and other altcoins, Salinas wasn’t convinced they could outperform Bitcoin. Regarding Ethereum, he explained that the weakness of the project lies in the inflationary nature of ETH.

The Bitcoin shortage – 21 million coins – is the key to everything. That’s why I mention Ethereum, because until the amount of the issue is finalized [ETH]then them [czyli twórcom Ethereum] I won’t believe it because they can emit more [ETH]and then the assets will be amortized He explained.

He also entered about peso inflation.

– Listen, I started my professional career in 1981. Then the peso rate [meksykańskiego] was 20 to 1 [dolara]. Today, however, we are at the level of 20 thousand. for a dollar. And it is right here in Mexico, but if we look at Venezuela, Argentina or Zimbabwe, the numbers lose all proportion. – He said.

In his eyes there is Bitcoin “Global and limited asset”which is protected against manipulation by governments.

Interestingly, he also mentioned other, less known projects. For example, he said that Monero and Zcash are interesting because of the privacy they offer.

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