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December 5, 2022
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Ripple Director: “XRP is a better version of Bitcoin, but its use cases are the same”

Director also pointed out that XRP, like BTC, is decentralized

Those outside the XRP community often doubt that the Ripple affiliate token has any real use cases, and people in the Ripple and XRP community try to convince them that they exist. This time, it was Matt Hamilton of Ripple who used Twitter to explain what XRP was initially made for and, according to him, its use cases are the same as Bitcoin.

“XRP is a better version of Bitcoin, but its use cases are the same”

Replying to a tweet, in which one author claims that no bank uses XRP and that it is a useless, centralized copy of Bitcoin, Ripple’s Director of Developer Relations Matt Hamilton wrote that these assumptions are far from the truth.

Hamilton explained that XRP was created as a better version of Bitcoin by the BTC developers as they realized that BTC’s energy use cannot scale.

As for the use cases of XRP, according to Hamilton, they are basically similar to those of BTC: provision of P2P payments that do not require third parties.

“No, it’s decentralized just like Bitcoin. XRP was created by Bitcoin developers as a “Best Bitcoin” as they realized that Bitcoin’s energy usage was not scalable. So its use cases are basically the same as Bitcoin: making peer-to-peer payments without a trusted third party.”

Nano and XRP

Hamilton also asserted that XRP is much more decentralized than Bitcoin in response to the assumption that the opposite implies.

He stated that XRPL has approximately 150 validators, which means that propagation of control to XRP is more decentralized than to BTC.

Debating with a NANO fan, Matt Hamilton agreed that the NANO has some cool features, however the XRP has different use cases for that coin.

“Of course, Nano has some cool features, but that has nothing to do with XRP use cases.

Maybe Nano will get some adoption someday.”

It also provided a link to a hundred services that use Ripple’s ODL and XRP for micropayments.

Source: U.Today

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