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December 9, 2022
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Ripple’s CTO: XRP is completely ecological, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ripple’s CTO said XRP is a fully ecological cryptocurrency, due to its non-mining nature, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, whose mining consumes large amounts of energy.

In a recent publication in blog, David Rwartz, CTO of Ripple, delved into the important issue of crypto sustainability, its eco-friendly degree and stated that XRP is an “inherently ecological currency”, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“Most currencies today, including cryptocurrencies, are not environmentally friendly”

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, participated in a major debate in the Twitter on the issue of cryptocurrencies and their relationship with the environment, focusing on the crucial differences between mining cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum, mainly) and non-mining (XRP in particular).

David Schwartz said the issue of energy consumption and production on the planet has become vitally important and the leaders of the crypto universe will have no choice but to quickly implement best practices to reduce energy consumption to protect the environment.


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XRP vs Bitcoin and Ethereum

Schwartz compared two mechanisms: Proof-of-Work and Consensus. While the former is used by Bitcoin and Ethereum to mine currencies and confirm transactions, XRP is not mineable and uses the consensus mechanism to validate transactions on XRP Ledger.

Ripple’s CTO emphasized an issue that has long been heatedly discussed by Bitcoin critics. He says the Proof-of-Work it requires an enormous amount of energy to allow miners to solve cryptographic puzzles to generate new blocks and receive their rewards in cryptocurrencies.

David Schwartz says that the consensus is on the “super majority agreement”, which allows you to check XRP transactions and also helps to avoid the problem of double expenses without consuming tons of electricity.

He called XRP an inherently environmentally friendly currency, as it was initially designed to be sustainable and distributed in a different way than Bitcoin and Ethereum, since the entire supply was created without mining.

Max Keizer: Bitcoin is the greenest currency in the world

In an interview, Bitcoin enthusiast and TV show anchor on RT, Max Keizer, said that Bitcoin, as he sees it, is the greenest currency in the world.

He explained his thoughts by saying that Bitcoin miners always look for cheap sources of energy or move to countries with low electricity rates or to countries with a cold climate, such as Iceland, Norway, Russia or Iran.

Thus, according to Max Keizer, Bitcoin miners are at the forefront of progress, as they are rushing to leverage green energy sources.

Source: U.Today

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