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August 9, 2022
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Robert Kiyosaki: today is the time to invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin and gold –

The author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” bestseller Robert Kiyosaki says today is still time to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and precious metals. The reason is a weakening economy.

Robert Kiyosaki: Invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin and Gold!

In the new episode of the podcast “Rich Dad Radio Show”The author of the famous motivational books said that while he doesn’t want to argue about which asset is better, he is currently trying to own as much BTC, ETH and gold as he can.

– I am glad that I have a lot of gold, silver, Bitcoin and Ethereum and I do not get into discussions [nt. tego, co jest lepsze]. Peter Schiff always argues over gold and silver, Max Keizer does the same [w kontekście BTC]. And I think, “Why the hell are you guys arguing?” Just buy as much as you can because the government is running the wrong policy. We’re screwed. Our entire economy is messed up. We are so heavily indebted that we are drowning in quicksand and you are arguing about gold, silver, Bitcoin? Just invest in something He said.

Bet against the economy

Last year, Kiyosaki predicted Bitcoin would surpass $ 50,000 in 2021. He said this bet was not necessarily based on Bitcoin’s strength, but on the weakness of the US economy and government.

I don’t judge Bitcoin. I appreciate the stupidity of our government. Being a real estate agent, when I look at how many debts are left unpaid, I ask the question: when will all these San Francisco office buildings no longer be able to pay the rent, and who will buy them? That’s why I placed a wager of $ 50,000 [za 1 BTC]. It was a bet against the economy. It wasn’t a Bitcoin bet. And I bet you would [Rezerwa Federalna] will print [więcej pieniędzy]but even if they don’t print anymore, we’re screwed anyway – he explained.

As he added, he has long believed that cash to “junk”.

– The question is, what are you investing your money in. I started [inwestować] many years ago, saying: “Cash is rubbish” (…). The more AI and technology make things more efficient, prices should fall, but the Fed is still pumping them – added.

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