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August 9, 2022
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Robert Valentine, a politician from the Netherlands, promoted Bitcoin during the last election campaign –

Bitcoin (BTC) enters the world of European politics. Dutch libertarian Robert Valentine ran his last election campaign with a slogan “Bitcoin is the future” on billboards.

Robert Valentine promoted Bitcoin during the election campaign

Robert Valentine, chairman of the Libertarian Party in the Netherlands, during his election campaign promoted himself and his group with billboards with Bitcoin.

The politician also praised his ads on Twitter. You can see his figure with “laser eyes”. Added to this is the election slogan: “Bitcoin is the future. ”

His party is one of 37 fighting for seats in the House of Representatives of the Netherlands.

I wanted something that stood out and showed people that we had embraced Bitcoin as the solution to our revolution – said Valentine in an interview with BitcoinMeister. – We want to make a fundamental change to the system, and Bitcoin and blockchain can help us – added.

Elections in the Netherlands

According to election polls, the party of Prime Minister Marek Rutte will again win the struggle for power in the Netherlands. The conservative-liberal VVD has a big advantage over other groups. Geert Wilders’ PVV party is in second place.

In practice, each political party in the Netherlands can get one seat in the House of Representatives for every 0.67 percent. votes. There are over 17 million people in the country. About 12.8 million are registered as eligible to vote. This means that a libertarian party would likely need between 70,000 and 90,000 votes to win at least one seat in parliament. The party does not currently have a single seat in the House of Representatives. During the previous elections, 0.01 voters voted for them.

It is worth adding that the libertarian party has long been openly speaking about Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. It was also one of the first political organizations in the world to accept donations in the form of digital currencies. It happened back in 2013. Its representatives emphasizethat “Both gold and Bitcoin meet the criteria of a stable currency.”

What do Polish politicians think about cryptocurrencies? If you are interested in this topic, we encourage you to read the article “What do Polish politicians think about cryptocurrencies?” We know the official positions of the party. “

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