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November 29, 2022
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Roger Ver: Blockchain is more trustworthy than any reliance on intermediaries or centralized systems | Blocksats

The man known as “Jesus of Bitcoin,” Roger Ver, in a recent podcast, presented his vision of heaven and hell in the cryptocurrency industry.

Speaking in the podcast of “Follow the White Rabbit”, Ver told host – Alex Kehaya that emerging technological systems, such as cryptocurrencies, can change the fate of personal sovereignty.

Sky and hell

Roger Ver is a supporter of Bitcoin Cash and the executive president of Bitcoin.com. He earned the title “Bitcoin Jesus” thanks to investments in many cryptocurrency startups shortly after Bitcoin was created.

Referring to persistent interference with the privacy of citizens by the US government – with the help of corporations such as Apple and Google – Ver said that cryptocurrencies can bring information control back to individuals.

“My greatest hope is that these new technological systems will allow people greater control over their own lives and greater control over their own destiny, privacy and information.”

– said Roger Ver.

Ver acknowledges, however, that the same technology could be used to further extend surveillance. After all, public block chains leave traces of transactions that can be used to monitor a person’s financial transactions.

“My biggest nightmare is that it will be exactly the opposite. It may end up being one of those things and it depends on us which path we choose. “

– said Ver.

The Chinese government has long admitted that it wants to use blockchain to monitor the interaction of its citizens.

Blockchain is trustworthy

One of the features of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that they do not require authoritative supervision. According to Vera, encryption technology that has come to the fore thanks to blockchain is a much more trustworthy “authority” than any human element.

In short, Ver thinks mathematics is “smarter” than ISPs and governments. He said:

“If you have to trust someone who doesn’t reveal your information, it doesn’t go very well. So I’m a much bigger fan of building encryption software that doesn’t have to trust anyone. You can rely on mathematics to know that you are not being spied instead of trusting your ISP or trusting the government to not spy on you. “

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