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October 4, 2022
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Santander dismisses staff in Spain –

The topic of bank layoffs returns once again. It is true that we have already written about such a process regarding Poland, but it is worth noting that the same phenomenon can be seen in other countries. For example, by July 2021, the management board of the Santander group will close about 1,000 branches of its bank in Spain.

Santander layoffs

The Spanish news agency Europa Press informed about the case on Saturday. Negotiations with trade unions are ongoing in the country. It was during these meetings that the management of the Santander group announced that they planned to cut employment and offer employees early retirement. Interestingly, these proposals are to be submitted to people who are already 50 years old.

In addition, the bank’s authorities, according to trade unions, are said to be ready to pay severance pays for people on early retirement in the amount of up to PLN 250,000. euro.

The Europa Press agency itself adds that by July this year. in Spain, the bank will close as many as 1,000 of its branches. However, it will open completely new operational centers in several cities in the country.

“The first information about the Santander management board negotiations with trade unions appeared in the first half of November. The media then revealed that the bank intends to lay off some 4,000 workers in Spain. However, it was indicated that over 1090 of them could count on employment in other companies related to Santander.

In the event of the implementation of the layoff plan, which would result in savings of EUR 1 billion, 13% of the bank’s Spanish structures would be liquidated. jobs “

– he adds bankier.pl.

Detailed layoff plan

Already at the end of October, the vice president of the Santander group, Jose Antonio Alvarez, admitted that the management of his bank was working on a layoff plan. He did not deny the press reports at that time, which in turn suggested that, apart from Spain, layoffs within the Santander group would also take place in Portugal, Great Britain and Poland. He added that the trade unions would be the first to learn about the plan to cut jobs. This moment has come.

The bank’s activities are in line with the general trend visible on the banking services market. Banks are switching to digital customer service.

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