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August 9, 2022
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Scott Melker: ETH will eclipse BTC this year –

According to professional investor Scott Melker “Enormous growth potential” ETH could overshadow Bitcoin’s success this year. In his opinion, we will soon be paying USD 10,000 for 1 ETH.

Scott Melker: ETH will outperform BTC

Ethereum is likely to outperform Bitcoin. At least in the short term, cryptocurrency trading veteran Scott Melker recently explained in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph.

Melker sees the current period of Bitcoin price consolidation as a particularly good signal for the second largest cryptocurrency to recently hit the new ATH. The investor believes that Ether’s success will ultimately turn out to be the main catalyst for a new upturn in the altcoin market.

He also revealed that he had largely changed his strategy over the past few months – he chose Ether instead of Bitcoin. All this to take advantage of “Enormous growth potential” Ethereum. In his opinion, the web is the new Internet.

– For me, it is like investing in the Internet in the early 90s. Melker said.

According to him, Ethereum could reach the target price of as much as $ 10,000. This is to take place at the end of 2021. As he added, he does not see anything crazy or strange about it.

I don’t understand why this would be crazy. From the current level, it’s only 5x. […] Bitcoin has done almost three times as much in the last year He explained.

A new boom wave hangs in the air

Although this is not an investment advice, it is worth adding that the market is waiting for a new wave of boom. Even Elon Musk has suggested recently that something will fly to the moon soon. His fans decided it was BTC or DOGE. We have written more about it here.

Today, 1 ETH costs 2 126 USD, while 1 BTC costs 59 561 USD.

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