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July 1, 2022
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SEBA Bank is launching a new product based on Bitcoin. The next step in adopting BTC Blocksats

A Swiss bank based in Zug, SEBA Bank, providing a smooth, secure and easy bridge between digital and traditional assets, has just introduced a new Bitcoin-based product that allows investors to get more income.

Dual Currency Certificate – a new product from SEBA Bank

The product, called Dual Currency Certificate, is linked to the BTC / USD exchange rate. It is issued at a discount to the current price of bitcoin (underlying) in relation to USD.

Guido Bühler, CEO of SEBA Bank AG, said:

“The introduction of the Dual Currency Certificate on the BTC / USD shows how traditional banking and cryptocurrency finance converge. Investors benefit both from the stability of a fully regulated Swiss bank and from the opportunity to earn the profits offered by cryptocurrency markets. “

Stefan Schwitter, director of investment solutions at SEBA Bank AG, adds: “It’s the perfect product to enter the world of digital assets while optimizing profits.”

The product in question is so-called Dual Currency Certificate i.e. the Dual Currency Certificate, which is linked to the BTC / USD exchange rate. Namely, if within a Bitcoin payment period of three weeks, the BTC price is equal to or higher than the strike price, the given investor will receive a maximum profit of 3.23%, i.e. 44.7% per year, according to SEBA Bank. At the same time, investors must reckon with the fact that they will lose all their invested funds if the price of Bitcoin falls on time as above. According to the bank, this product is targeted at investors who are not yet 100% committed to the most valuable cryptocurrency.

“This product should be considered as a holding investment until the due date payments, i.e. even if the performance of the underlying is stable or positive, the price of the product during this period may be significantly lower than the issue price. ”

– announced the bank.

From the so-called The Dual Currency Certificate can be used from today to July 7. 10,000 certificates worth USD 10 million were issued, and the minimum transaction size is ten certificates and up. The product is available in Switzerland as a public offer and in other countries in the private sector. The exceptions are the United States, Great Britain and other restricted countries.

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