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November 29, 2022
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Shiba Inu, Doge and other coins with yellow dogs conquer the market – Bitcoin Radio # 45 –

This week, the cryptocurrency market has been largely dominated by Ethereum and Shiba Inu. While the former is a coin with an established position, the latter can rather be treated as another joke. A joke that is derived from Doge.

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Shiba Inu, Doge and other coins

The main focus of today’s Bitcoin Radio Podcast is the subject of speculation. In the last 7 days, we have witnessed an increase in the price of Shiba Inu – the Ethereum token, which is another variation on the yellow dog meme, by over 1700%. This dizzying result attracted a lot of fresh investors, and each of them automatically became the eulogist of the success of this cryptocurrency.

Let us remember, however, that such a rapid growth is, however, a kind of anomaly. On we can read the page of the project itselfthat Shiba Inu is only an experiment – it carries no real technological and functional value. Therefore, this investment can turn against investors very quickly.

It may be the same with many other niche projects, which are forced by many tricksters, especially on Facebook groups. Under the posts asking about altcoins, interesting comments, in addition to known items such as ADA, ETH or DOGE, also appear shitcoins, the life of which will most likely end with the current bull cycle. I am begging you. Watch out for them.

Other themes on Bitcoin Radio

Ether broke the magic limit of $ 4000! Thus he established his new ATH. This is another big jump in the price of the leading altcoin, which has increased by over 50% of its value in recent weeks. According to enthusiasts like Mark Cuban, it’s not over yet.

Elon Musk, who is probably Dogecoin’s biggest ambassador, visited the popular Saturday Night Live entertainment show, where he jokingly mentioned DOGE. The market reacted to this event with a 30% drop, but it was fun anyway.

Mark Zuckerberg may like Bitcoin though! Such suspicions were made by Internet users on the basis of his entry on the Internet.

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