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November 29, 2022
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Start-up introduces blockchain to the Steam platform Blocksats

The blockchain industry enters the world of video games simultaneously on many fronts. Starting from the production of AAA games supported by major crypto investors, through e-sports tournaments in popular titles, to encouraging programmers through the easy integration of new technologies.

GOATi Entertainment takes a two-pronged approach by creating Pavillion Hub, which is aimed at both developers and players on one of the largest computer game platforms – Steam.

Better Steam on blockchain

Pavillion Hub, powered by the Phantasma block chain, acts as a kind of blockchain front-end for the Steam platform.

Players can link their Steam accounts to the downloaded application and restore all existing account content. The application will also create a Phantasma wallet for the player, allowing him to seamlessly use tokens or NFT, along with his Steam resources.

Game developers can use Pavillion’s blockchain back end to deliver the same in-game inventory through NFT assets. This applies to items and add-ons as well as mods and even licenses.

The real innovation is that developers will be able to take advantage of Pavillon Hub without having specialized knowledge of block chains.

Steam, but with the resale market

Steam has blocked the sale of individual assets in the game, which means that the only way to earn from the time spent in the game is to sell your entire account, along with all your licenses.

Thanks to Pavillion Hub, any item represented as NFT can be bought or sold. This means that you can sell your rare items, complete characters, and even game licenses.

It also allows the modder community to earn their skills. Gaming mods and extensions can also be traded freely.

Thanks to intelligent contracts that allow collecting and distributing GOATi tokens, the platform also allows you to run events. Interested players can now download trial version of the application.

If you are interested in the topic of blockchain in the gaming industry, we invite you to read our extensive article on the topic: Blockchain and video games. What attracts investors this way?

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