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December 5, 2022
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Subme collects another PLN 2.5 million in the public sale of tokens –

On June 1, the first public sale of $ SUB tokens of the Polish Subme project took place. However, it was only partially successful. Half of the planned funds were collected then, due to the high fees associated with the smart contract. The contract was decentralized and a lot of emphasis was placed on security – for this reason and the unexpectedly large number of people willing to participate in the Public Sale, the prices for the transactions became very high.

The rapidly expanding decentralized database of addresses of people wishing to purchase $ SUB tokens made subsequent transactions more and more expensive. In some cases, due to high gas charges, the transactions were not completed. The team decided to stop selling and start refunds for lost gas as part of the “Out of Gas” campaign.

Completion of the Public Sale has been postponed to June 7. The second round of sales went smoothly and $ 400,000 was raised in just 4 hours!

Next steps and a second Public Sale

Based on the information obtained by the editorial team, the Subme team plans to use the help of well-known launchpads and projects for the last public collection. More detailed information is not yet public, and more information will follow in the coming weeks. To guarantee the opportunity to participate in the last public sale of the $ SUB token, it is worth following the project’s social media, a in particular a telegramwhich has already been joined by over 13,000 fans.

What is Subme?

The Polish project creates an application that will allow you to manage multiple subscriptions in one place and will give you the opportunity to receive physical products in the form of subscriptions. Subscription repeatability is very convenient for recipients, but the supply side also receives benefits. Producers and sellers receive a distribution channel that is repeatable and allows for better financial management of the company. It is thanks to this that customers will get access to many products at lower prices.

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